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Black and White Striped Table Runner Kate Spade Elegance

More often than not, designing the event of your dreams can prove to be a trickier task than originally planned. Even after combining your ideal colors, tracking down flower arrangements from the best florist in town, and ordering gorgeous gold cutlery with expensive tableware, there is often still something missing. Many people never do find out the mystery behind that small missing piece to the puzzle. But luckily, with the simple use of a black and white striped table runner, you will hold the power of transforming any average looking event into one that is unforgettably gorgeous!

This table runner can be used for multiple occasions and levels of formality, but is especially gorgeous when used for upscale wedding decor. Let’s take the tablescape below as an example, and try to imagine how it would all look with only a simple black tablecloth beneath the décor. It would still be formal, and the guests will most likely say that everything looks pretty. But, it won’t necessarily be something that stands out as special. This is because the table runner is what brings the classiness and the uniqueness of the table to another level. Combined with touches of silver, solid wooden chairs, matching napkins, and bright pink flowers, the guests will surely be impressed.

The runner can be used for many purposes throughout the motif of your wedding, such as on the guest tables (whether they are round, square, or rectangle), the cake table, the guest book signing area, or on the gift table. 

Weddings are not the only event that can benefit from the addition of this beautiful table runner. Baby showers, brunches, anniversaries, and birthday parties are also a great excuse to show off your table decorating expertise! For a more masculine theme, this black and white motif can be combined with shades of bright green or dark blue. You can even use dark floral centerpieces with solid white accents to increase the dramatic effect.

And for something a bit more soft and feminine, try complimenting the runner with various shades of pink and touches of silver. Pink candles and flowers will also help increase the level of fanciness. Or, if you would like to add a touch of funkiness to your event, add matching black and white striped accents, such as straws, napkins, or chair covers. The good thing about this tablescape is that it can be used with very basic dinnerware, since the decorations are already stunning on their own!

The black and white runner is great for everyday use as well. Whether you are hosting a dinner, a brunch, or even a casual family get-together, these runners can be used time and time again. When regularly combined with new accents, colors, and centerpieces, nobody will ever even notice that your basic theme of black and white stripes is staying the same!

And, when complemented with fresh white flowers, burning candles, natural charger plates, and your everyday dinnerware, this runner can turn your average nightly dinner into a beautiful family moment. By making an extra effort to make your dining area gorgeous, you can add a touch of beauty and comfort to the end of your family’s day. 

And the best part? Black and white will never go out of style. This is a timeless pattern and color that can be used for years to come. No risk is involved when dressing things up with this table runner, only the reward of an event well done.